Ensure your travel documents are up to date before travelling! All international flights do require a passport for travelling...keep a copy of your passport in the event loss/stolen this will assist in a speedy process of getting a replacement.

Continuously check for bulletin updates for travelers to the desire destination you will be travelling to.

Notify your bank that you will be travelling. Some bank do require this information and to prevent the idea of fraud it is wise to.

US currency is universal. It is not recommended that you change your currency at the airport. The rate is usally way less!

Travel with a carry on with extra clothing for at least 2 days as well as important medications.

Travel insurance is not a bad idea in the event of illness and flight disruption.

In Jamaica please note we drive on the left.

Ensure to use your sunblock to limit the sun exposure when travelling around the island or just lying on the beach/pool.

Drinking water from the tap is safe.

Our rums are usally 70-150 percent over proof. So when drinking do ensure your having lots and lots of water to wash it down!

When crossing the streets do look left to right ensure carriage way is cleared before crossing.

Bargin bargin bargin... When shopping it doesn't hurt to ask for a discount!