A brief overview of Jamaica

Our motto is ‘Out of Many One People.’ Jamaica is an Island with a wide diversity of people. Many person have made Jamaica their home not only because of the beauty of the Island but also the genuine warmth that they experience from the people.

It is said that Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica (Hmmm). However when he first landed here the Island was already inhabited by the Taino people. As things evolve we have the Chinese, Indians and other indentured workers which when all combine brings us to our motto. The blend of culture as well as the different religions, our music (Reggae) and our unique Language the ‘patios’ as well as English sets us apart from the rest of the world! Patios it is believed to have been developed by the slaves as a means of communicating with other slaves.

Jamaican’s are very religious. Most popular of the religions Christianity, Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Church of God, Seven Day Adventist and Rastafarian religion.

We are known for our music, our unique style of dancing, the beauty of our Island our food and our sports! Visit this link for a more in depth look into the Jamaican culture!

Jamaican Food

Jamaican Food is a blend of different cultures coming together! Not only is it spicy and colorful but is extremely tasty! The cuisine includes dishes from the different cultures of our Island.

Popular dishes amongst guest and what one would consider as ‘must haves’ if you’re visiting the Island is the famous Jerk Chicken, Ackee and Saltfish and Curry goat! Don’t be afraid to try these dishes while you are here, you won’t be disappointed!

Seasonal fruits such as Mangoes, Pineapple, and our Otaheite apple are a must try if you’re here while in season.